lamb feeding near bristol

Lamb Feeding Near Bristol (Buckland Dinham) Rescued lambs need help!

If you are looking for lamb feeding near Bristol this is a lovely feeding (and cuddling!) experience at a home sanctuary in the village of Buckland Dinham near Frome. The organiser Debra rescues orphan lambs and allows families to visit and help feed them in her garden. There were lots of lambs to feed so the children had multiple turns, and a cuddle at the end.

The experience is free but relies upon donations to pay for the formula milk.

If you are interested in going, join the Facebook group “Lamb feeding at Buckland Dinham” and message Debra about booking a visit! It is best to state a few dates that you are available. Keep an eye on the group for cancellations also! We found this to be a nice intimate place for lamb feeding near Bristol. It is great work Debra is doing here!

⭐️ Pair with a visit to animal park Fairfield Animal Centre, ice cream parlour Palette and Pasture or if you are visiting on a Friday be sure to visit the Super Pirates toddler takeover in Frome!

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