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Funderworld at Clifton Downs, Bristol

Fairground fun at Funderworld Theme Park in Bristol 🎢🎟️

📍On the Clifton Downs until 1 May!

We were kindly invited to visit Funderworld in Bristol for the afternoon. It is a huge mobile theme park that travels around the UK. There are rides to suit all ages with lots of thrill seeking, to those suitable for young children such as ours. There are also games stations e.g. hook a duck. Giant inflatables were great too with big slides!

Our youngest went on 4 different rides (multiple times) and the inflatables (with me chaperoning), and Ada went on quite a few more as she is that bit taller. She was very excited to be there and laughed so much, it was so worth a visit! 🎡

As rides suit a variety of ages I would say it is a great activity for all ages. Some of the smaller rides were from age 2. ⭐️ You can find out the age/height restrictions of Funderworld Rides on their website before you go.

🎟️ You pay a one off admission price and get unlimited rides within a set time (all day, 4 hours or some shorter sessions in the evening!) Book tickets here

funderworld bristol

🌭 Hot food e.g. burgers, hot dogs, crepes and sweet treats – we can’t go to a fairground and not get doughnuts and candy floss! You are allowed to take snacks and small packed lunches with you.

🚘 Parking on the Downs next to it

Are you a fan of rides? I do love a theme park but when it’s time for the scariest rides, I might be the one holding the bags! See our Instagram Reel of our visit below, and follow us over on Instagram for other upcoming events in Bristol!

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